We are a group of weavers who enjoy getting together to weave, learn from each other and to support whaanau. We especially appreciate the support we get from the Wellington Tenths and Palmerston North Tenths Trusts who provide us with a stunning venue and kaumatua support. Below is our founding document

Te Roopu Raranga o Manaia

(supported by Wellington Tenths Trust)


Facilitating cultural and social wellbeing of the Taranaki whanui of Wellington Tenths Trust, Palmerston North Maori Reserve Trust and Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust through the traditional and contemporary practice of Raranga Toi Maori


Te Roopu Raranga o Manaia was established in 2010 to promote, develop and grow the practice of raranga by:
1. Providing access, free participation and learning to whanau,
2. Support iwi with raranga objects as required
3. Promote iwi mana whenua history and tikanga

Principle clients

• Whanau of all ages who are interested in learning or practicing raranga in a safe and supportive environment
• Manuhiri weavers requiring a supportive raranga environment who are willing to contribute to iwi projects and learn iwi history and tikanga
• Iwi and their significant stakeholders

Principle Objectives

Provide two beginner noho each year
Support iwi with raranga projects as and when required
Promote iwi mana whenua history and tikanga

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